What Is CBD Oil Like?

I need to confess, I’m nervous to share this story … in big part because of the stigma around marijuana, regardless of the reasons you’re using it or which part of it you’re using (THC vs. CBD, specifically). However that in and of itself made me recognize just how much more I do have to share this story. Due to the fact that if we break through the stigma, there’s a product here that has the capacity to change lives and assist millions of individuals heal naturally. And no, it will not make you into a stoner.

A few weeks back, the people at Charlotte’s Web Hemp connected to see if I wanted to attempt CBD for myself. To be truthful, my initial reaction was “hell no.” I do not smoke, I never wish to be “high,” I’m not into weed, and I’m not in any way, shape, or form into controlled substances in general. Nevertheless, I am a big fan of naturopathic solutions like Chinese herbs and probiotics, acupuncture, and necessary oils. I had been reading about how CBD is natural and legal, doesn’t make you feel “high,” and might mitigate impacts of anxiety (in addition to a shopping list of other things).


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Prior to we enter into it, a fast breakdown: CBD oil is cannabidiol, an active element of cannabis. You’re most likely familiar with another cannabinoid: tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC … you know, the stuff that gets you high. There are over 85 cannabinoid compounds in a marijuana plant, however THC is the only one– seriously, simply one– that is psychoactive (aka brain altering).

Charlotte’s Web guaranteed me that CBD does not in fact get you high and would essentially be liquid Xanax from Nature. It also mentioned I would not need a medical marijuana card (which I don’t have), as it’s a totally legal item. I remained in.

A few days later, I received the CW “Everyday Plus” Hemp Oil in olive oil and CW “Everyday Advanced” Hemp Oil in mint chocolate taste ($ 75 and $150, respectively). And as many appreciated professionals do, I tried it in the office at my place of work, midday, with among my colleagues. Legalities aside, I was still nervous that I ‘d get the psychoactive impacts and lose control of my psychological faculties, however colleagues ensured me that “everything is great” and basically told me to chill out and eat the oil. The experiment had actually begun.

Day 1

Dosage: Two droppers loaded with Everyday Advanced, mint chocolate taste

The “two droppers” was per the recommendation I received from CW. This obviously equates to 2 portions, though the supplement suggests taking two droppers complete twice daily. This was roughly 92 mg of Hemp CO2 extract. I remember believing, “This tastes like a mint chocolate ash tray.”

Effects: Incredibly drowsy during the day. That said, got “One Hundred Percent” sleep quality inning accordance with my Sleep Cycle app that I use nighttime. No adverse negative effects.

Day 2

Dose: One dropper filled with Everyday Advanced

I decided to downsize so I wouldn’t be so tired. I likewise had SoulCycle arranged that night, and I truly wished to look alive in the front row, you understand?

Impacts: Unwinded, but very little to report on from this day either. I felt fantastic during SoulCycle, and I didn’t get too sore, which is somewhat unusual … maybe because of the CBD? TBD.

Day 3

Dosage: One dropper loaded with Everyday Plus, olive oil flavor

By the third day, I chose to attempt the scaled-back, olive variety of these oils, which has 25 mg of Hemp CO2 extract per serving. I started little with one dropper just to be safe.

Results: I honestly didn’t feel much of anything! It wasn’t a particularly anxiety-inducing day, so there wasn’t much to stimulate my experiment.

Dose: 2 and a quarter droppers full of Everyday Advanced

This … this was the day of days. The day when I recognized CBD can change lives. Likewise the day when I understood I had actually taken more oil than normal, which left me feeling not at all like myself as the hours went on. Background: driving is an anxiety trigger for me, and I was stuck in traffic for over three hours (for a trip that is usually simply one hour) with a panic attack slowly building and tears beginning to flow, so I reached for the oil– and decided to try a tiny bit additional.

Results: Anxiety relief within 30 minutes; it quite truthfully felt miraculous. I was relaxed and laughing, and I seemed like myself once again. However, a few hours later on, things took a turn. At risk of awkward myself, I’ll simply say that I became extremely spacey, could not focus on anything, and was starving– I had finished a substantial Italian supper at 7 p.m. but chose at 8:30 p.m. that I required a S’mores Frappuccino (genuinely differing my typical eating routines) … then I needed a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked. It was a scene. I don’t know how it occurred, but fair warning: this was excessive for me. Though I was mildly distressed, my friend believed it was hilarious.

Day 5

Dosage: One * half * dropper filled with Everyday Advanced

Completely scarred from the day before, I downsized significantly as I knew my task was to continue the experiment for all seven days.

Impacts: I felt unwinded! No stress and anxiety to report on, and no negative adverse effects.

Day 6

Dose: One dropper full of Everyday Advanced

I recuperated from the fear of day 4 and downsized up to a full dropper and had an extremely relaxing day. I drove back to SF and felt entirely comfortable in traffic and even had a couple cups of coffee– which usually might give me a panic attack– and felt totally great.

Effects: Reduced stress and anxiety from caffeine intake, fantastic sleep.

Day 7

Dosage: 2 droppers loaded with Everyday Advanced

Curious to see if day 4’s high was perhaps a fluke, I chose to be brave (ha!) and scale back up– however was mentally prepared this time for anything that could take place. Aaaand I didn’t get high! A win all around.

Results: I had a deep sleep that night– so deep, in fact, that it was a little more difficult to awaken in the morning.

Total Ideas

I’m still finding out that sweet-spot dose for myself, but my preliminary impression is incredibly favorable. I’m surprised at how well this prevented an anxiety attack and mitigated my stress and anxiety in a naturopathic method. The concept that I might avoid possibly addicting psychotropic drugs while still handling stress and anxiety– in such a way that won’t make me high or impact my ability to think and work clearly– boggles the mind. It really is Nature’s liquid Xanax.

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